Friday, August 31, 2012

"Example has more followers than Reason"

I finally got around to watching The Hunger Games today.  I'd been putting it off because I hate it when I read a really good book then watch the movie they make about it and it's crap.  Well, the movie wasn't crap, but it wasn't awesome either.  Do yourself a favour and read the books before you see the movies ok?
I actually borrowed what I thought was the second in the series and started reading it the other week, only to get through a few pages and shake my head thinking hang on...what the hell???  Realiesd I was reading the third in the series, which was annoying since I had waited three weeks for the book to actually become available.

Am waiting on an influx of postcards that I've arranged trades with from various countries through postcrossing . Was getting a bit sick of recieving some really uninteresting cards, so thought swaps might be good. But then I don't get the surprise of not knowing what is coming in the mail so I might revert to doing a bit of both.  Up until now I've been keeping the postcards in a SMASH book but I'm worried that in time to come I'll want to take them out.

Have been taking some herbal tablets that I was told could help with my CFS, but as it turns out they made me a whole lot worse.  Even not having taken them for two days now, they are still in my system and am still feeling the effects of them. Hope by the end of the weekend I'm back to 'normal' because it's driving me insane.

On a totally unrelated matter, I can't believe I paid $4 for a lettuce yesterday. What was I thinking?

Because my niece has been talking about piercings lately, me, at the age of 30-something is wondering if I've missed some crucial part of growing up by not getting one that's not in my ear???  And so I got to thinking, I'd love a Monroe piercing or a Butterfly Kiss...(ok, perhaps I'm not that gutsy to get that last one) or even just a plain old nose piercing. But firstly I wonder if I'm too old...has my boat sailed? And secondly, I have the pain threshold of a two year old.  I don't even have a tattoo!  I watched some Monroe piercings being done on Youtube and I'm just not sure I could do it...yet...

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