Monday, October 7, 2013

For the sake of it.

So, my colletion of Aerogrammes has come to a bit of a standstill. Finding countries that still have this running are very few, and then to find someone within that country to send me an aerogramme...phew. It's a lot of asking around.
A pal in Singapore has sent me two aerogrammes - they have four designs and she is going to try and keep an eye out for the last two for me. How sweet! THankyou so much Sally!!!

But the lack of incoming aerogrammes has caused me to think about other projects I might carry on with. I've still got my penpal Smashbook which is just so awesome.
I still collect and trade postcards - and have been concentrating lately on illustrated food and cats. SO ADORABLE!
But I thought next year I might buy another smashbook and attempt to fill it with a postcard from as many countries as I possibly can.  One country per page, and perhaps stick a few fun facts and stamps around it too. Still brainstorming on this idea.

Not a happy camper that Australia Post has increased the cost of sending postcards outside of Asia Pacific to almost DOUBLE of what it was. NOT GOOD. Boo.

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