Monday, March 4, 2013

Where's my mail?

Just WHAT is going on with my mail???
I feel as though I haven't received very much happy mail lately and it makes me sad. Boo.  I've sent out quite a bit in the past week or so however, so perhaps I'll have some to make me smile soon?

I got a lovely postcard from Anni in Finland the other day, but uh...that's about it.

Please send me some mail????!!!

What I"d really like to be a part of is a travelling notebook. They have them from time to time on swapbot, but it's a risk because there are so many flakers on that site.


  1. Ah I never get any mail, and even though that's my own fault because I don't have time for it, it WAS lovely being a part of swaps and penpalling! Hopefully you'll get some this week!

    1. Perhaps whilst you're overseas we can be penpals in the old fashioned style!