Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Week 3

Like everybody else, I'm neglecting my blog because life is just so busy right now!
Today we celebrated my husbands birthday. He turned 35, but he got a stunt kite, RC Car and a pack of lego (which is he putting together now).  Yes, I did say 35. Not 5!!!!  I like that he's young at heart. We both are really, and enjoy doing silly things like this.  I feel like it keeps us young and at least we get a laugh.

Hubby putting together his lego set
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Also this week I was busy putting together another swap through swapbot. One of the activities was to make up a guest list of 6 people (alive or dead) that you would invite to a dinner party.

My guestlist. The one you can't see is Lucifer (I have questions!)
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Another activity was to sew a button onto 'anything'.  So I sewed to buttons onto a piece of note paper for my partner to use for own note to someone else.

Sewed buttons onto a picture of a bike for the wheels! how cute!
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Because we live near the beach, hubby and I decided we'd like to get a snorkel and flippers for Christmas from his parents. So we went and tried pairs on and I ended up with this pair...

Flip Flip Flip. Keep on swimming swimming swimming...
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Pretty excited to get into the water (as long as I can keep my fear of sharks at bay...)

As for 2013, well...I may allow some social media things to fall by the wayside, but I do plan to continue my blog (even if it's just photos, because I do enjoy sharing them), instagram and twitter.
I won't say merry Christmas yet, because I do still hope to get in another post before then!

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