Sunday, September 16, 2012


Let's be honest. I'm a list maker. I may very well be the best list maker in the world; however when it comes to carrying out things on said list, well...*cough* I lost my list this morning.
And Mondays are my errands day so it's quite a list of things I have to do, drop off, pick up, write, pay, shop, post...whatever. And I only realised how much I relied on my little lists when I started to panic a little! And I have to laugh, I really do. Because losing a list of errands is hardly the end of the world. But this morning, it was the end of MY world.
After spending a frenzied 15 minutes searching for this tiny piece of paper, where do I find it? In my handbag, ready to go. Of course, last night I was super organised and put it in there so I could just up and go. *sigh*
 Are you a list maker?
 I thought I might keep a bunch of the lists that I make (usually shopping lists I'm afraid) and stick them into my scrapbook. Just for fun. Reading back on some of them could be kind of funny.

Some lists I found this morning

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  1. I am a serial list writer. I love it. I have a notebook full of random lists {so I know where they all are!}. Unfortunately though, I too am not so good with the crossing off of items on those lists... I hope you got all your errands completed today :)