Saturday, September 29, 2012

October Challenge

It would be great if I could finish something I start. I think the problem is that I often have too many things on the go at one time.

So for October, I'm forsaking all projects (and I might just require reminding) and am going to complete the October Challenge from FatMumSlim for the Photo A Day.

You might think that it's not that hard to just take a photo every day and post it. But when you have other things to do, and you have to think about a prompt, take a photo, upload it etc etc etc EVERY day, you can sometimes put it on the backburner, and before you know it, you're five days behind and just give up.

And just in case I forget, I've made the Photo A Day picture above, my Desktop Background. I'm on the computer EVERY day. So when I boot it up and see it there first thing, there are no excuses I can find.

So. My mission for October? Start, AND finish this October Photo A Day.

I'll be using my twitter to post them.
Join the fun?

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