Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year

A New Year = a fresh look, right?
So I've mixed things up a bit on my blog with a new background and some new links so make sure to check it out.

This year I'm participating in a book reading challenge to read 50 books.  I've done this in the past but not for a few years, so we'll see how I go.  Since the kind of books I usually read are quite large, 50 will probably be a challenge for me.  I've got a widget set on my blog that you can see how I'm doing as the year progresses.  If you're interested, simply join (for free).

 Also I plan to remain active on Swapbot.  I have a penpal group that runs there with over 70 members as of today. Really is a lot of fun.

Still a member, I've been a bit slack with Christmas and all. Time to pick up the pace!

And of course penpalling...last year saw me fall back into the swing of things and I'm really enjoying it.  The best thing about being an adult and penpalling, is that the conversations are much deeper and interesting, and the information about different countries is wonderful.  Not to mention the occassional exchange of gifts or stationery can be amazing.

Let's not forget Instagram! Loving this creation and will continue to take more and more photos.

Other things this year I intend to continue with are my Smashbooks, my occassional drawing and painting and crafts. I don't know if anyone really reads my posts here but I enjoy making them if for nothing else but to look back on them myself.  Twitter will remain my source of updating, while other things such as Facebook and Livejournal have fallen by the wayside.  It's nice to make a change sometimes ;)

What are you doing this year?

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