Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lions and a Mystery Envelope

Happy Mail going out today for Sara in WA!
I hope she likes the envelope I made from Animalia, the Childrens Book...

From Blog Photos

Today I got this in the mailbox.
This is actually a letter I posted to a penpal Stephanie a few days ago.
I was amazed that I had forgotten to put her address on the front, yet remembered to put mine on the back when in the sunlight, I caught sight of what lookedl ike invisible writing on the envelope....her address!
Walking back into the house, I was mystified and wondered what pen I had used. Then recalled I had purchased an ERASABLE PEN the other day.  I had used that to write her address, and the friction of the envelope against others in the mailbox must have rubbed it all off.
I just hope I hadn't sent anything else out with that pen on it.

So Stephanie, I'll send you this inside another envelope so you can have a laugh.

The mystery envelope
From Blog Photos

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