Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and all that Jazz

You have no idea how pleased I am that all the celebrating is over and done with! I'm exhausted and quite honestly just want the peace and quiet to return!  Not only that, but in all the preparations and goings on for Christmas and New Year, I've fallen behind in my mail and crafty things.

To begin with, I have a pile of mail from penpals that I haven't even opened yet!!!
Plan to do this today!

Happy Mail to be Opened!

We celebrated Christmas of course which was lovely. So many presents, not to mention food. (Let's be honest, who is STILL eating ham sandwiches to use up that hunk of ham you bought?)

Riley and Ella (brothers kids) with stockings my mother made for them.
Much silliness (doesn't the season call for it?)

Hubby and I at home.

We had people staying with us for most of the season.  Poor cat spent most of the time hiding out in the bedroom...

Poor kitty!

Some bargain shopping was done...

Tony Biano purse

And refreshments purchased...

Gloria Jeans Iced Coffee.

And of course, when I could, I stole a few moments to read the second in a trilogy of books that I'm absolutely hooked on.

The Twelve - Justin Cronin

Well. I try not to make them because I never keep them. But I WOULD like to take more photos this year, continue on with my penpals, lose myself in my crafts and read a lot of books.  Mostly though, I'd just like to be healthy and happy.

Happy 2013 - hope it treats you all well.

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