Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Collaborative Drawing Swap

Ok, here is the end result of my Collaborative Drawing Swap done with four pepole (including myself).  I drew the top quarter. Then the next person would drawn the next quarter, ONLY allowing themselves to see the quarter before that on the page.
(So by the time person number 3 would draw, she would ONLY allow herself to look at the second quarter picture and follow on from that).
It makes for some funny pictures.

Anyway here is mine all finished.
Sorry for the quality, I couldn't seem to get a good photo for some reason.
From Blog Photos
Thanks ladies for joining me!
If you're interested in doing another, contact me here or on swapbot. :)



  1. This was lots of fun participating in hope to do another one soon.

    1. It was fun wasn't it! I hadn't done one before, it's so funny to see the end result.
      If you're interested in doing another I'd be up for it.

  2. I have had a great time with this swap :) Made me think though O.o lol

    1. I know, it really made me think too lol. I'm trying to learn to accept that I draw really crappily but to be happy with that and to embrace it!