Thursday, November 29, 2012

Collaborative Drawing Swap

A note for Carol, Carolyn and Elizabeth....

See the photos below (taken from 365 Journal Fodder) so you can see what I mean.
(But because there are four of us, we'll be folding the paper into quarters instead)

When you send the paper onto the next person on the list (which will be in the email I send you guys) you will need to make sure that they can ONLY SEE the last quarter of the drawing that has been done.  The way we can do this is to paperclip some cardstock (or other non-see through material) onto the parts above so only the last quarter is showing.

That then means that the person who gets it next has to use their imagination to come up with something else that may not even be related to the first part of the drawing!!!

Um. Well. No rules really.
Let's just stick to pen/pencil/texta etc.  No paints. No stick on things.
You can draw/colour black and white, or use colour. Up to you.

Theme: No theme. Just use your imagination.

When you receive the drawing back complete, please email me a photo so I can pop it up here on my blog so we can all see the end result.


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