Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday Mail and a Trip to the Op Shop

One of the reasons I love living down on the Peninsula is the amount of Op Shops here. You can pick up awesome books for anywhere between 20c and $2, depending on where you choose to shop.

This morning I was dropping off some clothing to the Habitat For Humanity Op Shop, and dropped inside for a look.

Along with a couple of cards, I picked up two books that I know I'll enjoy reading.

Still in great condition, I picked these up for $1

Also, sending off a letter to my Trinket Penpal. Keep an eye out Stephanie!

Alas I will never be an artist!!

Just heard the postie outside, and wow did I hit the motherload of postcards today!!!
Six in total! (Although now this means I'm going to have a major catch up to do on what postcards I need to send out) :)

Private Swap from Russia

Taiwan up the top, Russia below and Holland to the right

Check these awesome stamps out from Russia!
Don't you think the top one looks a little like Matt LeBlanc?


  1. Swap-bot swap: "Promoting your blog!" username: hysteriskt

    Wow, you have such a cool blogdesign! Loves the background with the "smokey" colors!

    I have read many post here, it's fun that you mix letters/postcards with other things, example the stunning, beautiful pictures from the beach.

    I guess you are a member at postcrossing as well? I've been a member for over 6 yeard now :)

    Happy swapping, snailmailing, bloging and postcrossing! :)

    Anna (hysteriskt at swap-bot)

    1. Thanks Anna :) Yes, I'm a member of postcrossing. I started only earlier this year actually, and it's been so much fun ;) Glad you liked my journal.