Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Trinket Penpal Solution

I'm a member of Swap-bot (give me a cheer!) and a few months ago I started a thread about trinket penpals. I matched up a bunch of us and we've been swapping ever since.

The problem was, that I had no way of closing down the thread when the match ups were done, so people were still joining, begging me to do another one of these swaps where people are matched to their interests.  It was a lot of work to get everyone matched to be honest, and so I was hesitant to oblige. Until I figured out that if THEY can answer the questions, and I can find a way of putting them altogether in a public place, then THEY can CHOOSE their own partners by approaching others.

I firstly created a Group on Swapbot.
Then I created a Blog to post all the info on.
Including a questionnaire for people to fill out, and email back to me.

24 hours later, I've got a bunch of memberships to approve in the group, and a handful of questionnaires to upload to the blog!

I'm so pleased with the response (because there's nothing worse than doing a whole lot of work for something that never pans out) and hope that people find a match.

If you're interested in finding yourself a trinket penpal, or someone to swap things with, just check out the group or the blog for instructions.

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