Friday, November 30, 2012

Last week of November Mail and News

Today is the 1st of December, officially the Christmas Season, so let's get last weeks mail out of the way.

I am part of a Collaborative Drawing Swap with three other Aussie women which I'm really excited about. Part 1 I did straight away and sent to Elizabeth with a chinese card with a note on the back, then wrapped in washi tape (non sticky of course)  I love wrapping letters in washi tape because it just looks so great.  I just stick washi tape onto some thin paper, and use the paper cutter to slice off the remaining paper. Easy.

Collaborative Swap Part 1 off to Elizabeth

I was really happy to get a letter from Amanda, my longtime American Penpal. She also sent me a Christmas Card (the first of the season!) which means I'm going to have to think of something inventive to put my cards on this year.  The wind blows through the windows a lot so it will have to be something secure that won't blow away.  Er...that is, assuming I actually GET some more cards that is.

Cute Deer Happymail from Amanda in the States
 Recieved my second letter from my newish South Korean penpal. I'm yet to open it - might save it for tomorrow!

Some washi tape love from my S.Korean penpal

 Today I found a little sparrow out on the porch flapping around. Looked like it hurt its wing, so I put it into a box inside to rest.  It relaxed and slept for about two hours until which time it was flying about (inside my house unfortunately!!!) and was ready to be released again. Must have just gotten a bit tired or something. I'm glad it was okay and didn't have a broken wing. I really didn't know what to do with it otherwise.

Little bird
I've been struggling a bit this week with lack of contact from some people/friends of mine. It seems they are too busy to bother to text, email or call me, and I'm just a bit sick of doing all the chasing all the time.  If I don't contact them, they don't bother to contact me and it really hurts.
I've got all my Christmas Cards to send out to people which I will do, but after that I'm not sure which direction I will go with some of these people. It might be a New Years Resolution that I just be selfish and cut myself a break - let someone make friends with ME (however that could leave me pretty lonely, couldn't it?!)

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