Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good Intentions and all that.

I love this post written by WreckThisGirlsblog because she relates in there exactly the same way as I do in relation to getting goals completed.

She started with a yearly diary, planning to do something in it every day, but she says " Would you believe that in 8 months, I've only done 5 pages?"

That sounds like me to a tea. And it frustrates me to no end, yet I keep on doing it! Starting something, moving onto something else, forgetting I started something, leaving something until another time...and then this 'something' is something (yet again) that I find 4 months down the track under a pile of book that I'm cleaning up.  I'll exclaim loudly and carry on how great it is that I've found this 'something', start it up again, and lose it under a pile of books AGAIN for ANOTHER 4 months.

We've all be brought up to "finish what you start".
It's a theme in animated childrens movies, YA books, and let's not forget parents, teachers and other influential adults in our lives as young people.

But is it REALLY that important that we finish what we start?
I'm beginning to think not.  I mean, unless it's a set of antibiotics to get rid of the flu!
We should be able to pick up anything we like, have a go, and drop it, postpone it, date it, change it or mould it to fit. Right? Right!

So I'm done with feeling ashamed that I don't finish things I start when it comes to art projects, because I KNOW I'm not the only person who does it. And I'm having fun regardless.  Who cares if I get to day 19 of a month project and have only done 3 items? I've done what I WANT to do and what I FEEL like doing and what I was INSPIRED to do. I'll do the rest another time...or not at all!

(In saying this, I AM pleased to say that I have been very good and am up to date with my FMSphotoaday on twitter. Woot!)

Anyway, the point of this post was to say just do what you like when it comes to being creative. 
If something doesn't suit, change it.
If it's not the right time, then do it another day.
If you start something and don't want to do it the next day, then don't!
Let your creative juices take you wherever they will!

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