Monday, October 29, 2012

My Morning At The Beach

The forecast for today in Melbourne is quite high, and usually it's not quite so hot down here on the Peninsula as we have the sea breeze which is just beautiful.
On my way to the shops to pick up some ingredients I caught sight of the bay and it was the mots lovely aqua blue colour, and the tide was so far out that you could just about walk to the end of the jetty without getting your knees wet.
So of course I pulled over, unable to resist the water...

A super low tide, you can walk out nearly to the end of the jetty

I'm on a sandbank, looking back towards the shore

How beautiful is the clear water and blue sky!!

Of course I had to wade out and walk about for a while.


  1. Oh my, this is BEAUTIFUL. How I would love to be there right now...

    1. It was just lovely - I swear I could have just dived under the water and gone for a swim.

  2. wow that water is crystal clear! (Michelledann blog promoting swapbot)