Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SMASH Book - Help?

I now have a mini smash book in my hot little hands.
This is addition to the yellow international normal sized smash book I also have.

The worst thing about having awesome journals, is actually starting them.  You flick through the lovely pages and don't want to 'ruin' anything.

The second worse thing about having awesome journals to use, is deciding on a theme. This, for me, is a terrible cascade of thoughts and ideas and it usually takes me about three weeks or longer just to decide what to do with them (as though the journal I have is the last one on earth and I simply cannot buy another one when this one is finished!)

I saw a video of a girl who had done an A-Z smash book.  Basically you have one double page for each letter, and throughout the year (or however long you like) you just stick stuff in there that you come across on the corresponding page.  I liked that idea.  But the mini smash book doesn't have enough pages for the alphabet, and the normal size smash book has too many.
What to do with the extra pages????

There was a 30 day Smash challenge I saw on facebook, but I'm not one to fill up a journal like this so quickly.  Some of the prompts would take me aaaaaaaaaaages to finish, so I'm not sure I want to lock myself into a challenge like that.
Then I thought, I don't necessarily have to DO the challenge; just write down the prompts on each page. But I'm not /sure/ I want to do that either.

I'd LOVE to have one where I just put ticket stubs of shows I've seen and plane tickets and train tickets and event entries and order of events...but we actually very very rarely GO anywhere like that.

So help me! Throw some ideas at me. What can I do with these Smash Books????

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  1. hmm ,if a theme is what you need...how's about doing it all about you ? if you need ideas, i've got a few on the laptop i could email you ?What else,maybe favorite places you would want to go ? postcards ? fave movies ,dreams, achievements,recipes you want to try or love ? the mind is in overdrive..