Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Mail for Tuesday!

I have soooo very nearly finished my first Smash book!!  I have a yellow one ready to go, but THEN my friend Sara showed me that she had obtained a mini smash book.

Hola. WHAT???

I haven't seen one of those around here, but then I haven't been to the scrapping store in a couple of months.  And so now I'm busting my chops to get over my tonsillitis so I can take a drive and check out if Paper 2 has these new mini Smash Books in stock.

In the meantime, I plan to use my yellow smash book as a photo album for the instagram photos I got printed out.

Today's mail was awesome.  I recieved my instagram photos that I printed off through prinstagram to look like mini polaroids. I recieved my order of a bunch of new postcards with the themes of cartoon cats, little girls and boys and Anne of Green Gables; aaaaaaaaaaaand three new washi tapes!!!
What a happy mail day :)

photo 1
Washi Tape

Much clearer in RL.

photo 2
A handful of new postcards to use from Korea

photo 3
One of the Anne of Green Gables Postcards

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