Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SMASH book 30 day Challenge

I'm in the middle of another challenge right now, but I'm posting this for future reference.

1.A few things about yourself

2.Things you are good at

3.I am looking forward to ...

4.Today's playlist

5.Weekend Goals

6.Least favorite words

7.Blog goals

8.In my bag

9.Favorite websites and blogs

10.On my wishlist

11.Date night ideas

12.Weekly rituals

13.DIYs I want to try

14.Things I love about _______

15.On my shopping list

16.Places to see in your town

17.Words that are hard to spell

18.Road trip must-haves

19.Recipes I want to try

20.Celebrity crushes

21.Things to do this Spring

22.Today I saw

23.Guilty pleasures

24.I make lists for

25.Things I'd rather be doing right now

26.Books I'd like to read this year

27.Lessons learned

28.Vacations to take

29.Favorite foods

30.Today's to-do list

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